Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hot Diggety! A New Personal Best

A few weeks back, convinced I wanted more data about my activity levels,  I ordered this fancy gadget that purportedly measures the total amount of calories burned during the day.  It's a Fit armband from BodyMedia - you wear it all day around your upper arm to provide various measurements to calculate energy output.  Well.  It's interesting and all but to date, I haven't decided whether I've wasted my money.

One of the more amusing aspects of this experience is that the armband assigns personal bests to various of its measurements:  eg. highest number of minutes engaging in vigorous activity, highest number of steps taken during a day and so forth.  It also measures sleep (how many hours of sleep one gets in a night), sleep efficiency (hours of actual sleep vs. lying down time) and then there's lying down time itself.

I rang in the New Year by achieving my best ever performance in both lying down time AND sleep efficiency.  And here I thought Sloth was a sin.

(What do you suppose the lying down efficiency is of the aging witches butter fungus pictured above?)

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julie said...

Congratulations... personal best in every area is well worth recording...lol...hug, hug