Friday, September 11, 2009

Changing Things Around

Since I last posted to this blog, we managed to get our Bay Area house sold and moved full time to our paradise in Central California, Dryad Ranch. Although the whole process of getting the house ready to sell and doing all the packing and moving was crazily stressful, it was all done knowing that the end result would be amazingly wonderful. And so it has been. My husband seems to be enjoying his retirement, only three weeks in, but his smile is broader than ever.

There are a few creepy crawlies around, such as this scorpion which was discovered lurking in between a couple of bowls in the cupboard. Even I thought it was just a bit too plug ugly to appear as is.

I've been allowed to keep my same job and telecommute, a circumstance that thrills me to pieces. I've rented a small office in the nearest town, which isn't large but has a couple of grocery stores and a small public library and various other amenities, such as high-speed internet connectivity, a must for the commute being over the tele and all.

I read this article in New Scientist the other day and honestly, I don't know what to think about it. It discusses gastric bypass surgery and how it has proven to be amazingly effective in some cases in bringing about an almost immediate reversal of diabetes. Evidently, the gut and the hormonal interactions of metabolism are much more complex than anyone can understand yet. I have had such a negative opinion about this type of surgery for such a long time and still don't like the idea of it, on many levels. An online friend of mine even knew someone who died as a direct result of having it, so obviously there can be some dreadful side effects. This article has really presented a different view of it.