Sunday, February 21, 2010

At dinner tonight, and I don't remember exactly how we got onto the topic, my husband put me in mind of a very pleasant memory from my childhood. My grandfather on my mother's side was the very very best at reading to little girls (moi) and I remembered one of my favorites: the Just So Stories by Kipling. I can still hear my grandfather toning: "Go to the banks of the great, grey-green, greasy Limpopo River all set about with fever trees". I had to look it up so I could remember the rest of it again.

It started raining relatively early this morning, right while I was working on taking some pictures of the daffodils that have popped up. I gave it up at that point, not wanting either my stuff or myself to get wet. It kept up a steady rain, or at least a sturdy drizzle, most of the day. We still haven't even caught up to last year's rainfall level, we need more, are you listening up there? (Ha ha, that ought to work.)

This photograph is one of an almond blossom on the tree we planted three or four years ago. It is just starting to bloom now, there are lots of great looking buds swelling. Maybe this year, we'll get to the almonds first.

I did fiddle in Photoshop obviously - I did do a straight photo of the blossom and it was nice but I have a deep fondness for the abstract and semi-abstract not that that's a technical term or anything. For those with a fondness for the f/64 style of photography - Ansel Adams and so on - I can see that it's way too loosy-goosy. I probably should be more reverent and worship at the feet of the gods of photography.

I probably shouldn't want to slit my throat if I hear the phrase "tack-sharp" one more time. I start wondering, what if the tack referred to isn't sharp? What if it's a pink fluffy tack, or a bent tack, what then? What if you decide to throw an infrared filter on your pretty picture and then push a few more buttons?