Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I found a scan of this photo on my computer last night and couldn't resist working on it. This is my favorite-est horse ever, Chaps, long may he rest in peace. I had this photo framed but ended up having to put it away because I kept getting sad when I looked at it, but this time I didn't get that way. Oh, I LOVED this horse, we were muy simpatico. He was one of the horse herd that belongs to our neighbors and his group used to hang out down on our place, so I spent a lot of time those first few years after we bought the place with them. Poor guy, he colicked and couldn't be saved. In spite of the fact that this photo shows me at some level of my highest weight  and that hat isn't as spiffy as my current one, I am so glad my hubby got this shot.

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