Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lollipop. Old Memories

I was doing some grinding around on the treadmill this morning, just for grins, and up popped an old favorite tune from the depths of the iPod. This is one of those happy peppy little pop tunes that I admit to having a liking for sometimes.

It brought to mind some very pleasant memories as well. I first heard this tune while sitting (hiding from the world?) in the hallway of the school dormitory where we lived at the time - my father was an assistant headmaster and we lived at the school. I'd received a transistor radio for my eighth birthday and I was in love. It was a black one, maybe 3 x 5 and had a little earphone. Nope, not stereo or anything. The "My Boy Lollipop" song was one I really loved. Funny, I'd never seen actually seen Millie Small performing this until I looked up this video.

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