Sunday, November 15, 2009

A few weeks ago, I bought these wonderful dolls from one of the galleries in Oakhurst. They are made by a local artist, Julie Mitchell. I just picked them up the other day from the frame shop, who put them in a fabulous shadow box frame and today, we'll be finding the right place to hang them.

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julie mitchell said...

Until last night I didn't notice that you had a second blog...what a surprise to me when I clicked on and found Him and Her!!
I really fell in love with these two. I made him first...he hung alone in day I looked at him and thought..he's one of a kind and must be lonely...Brought him home and made Her to keep him company.
Thank you for taking them home, together.
I didn't make it to Art Hop on Thursday...needed to make a trip with my daughter & grandson to Santa Clara for a dr. appt.
I will be there next month...It's Art By Hand gallery and little shop in the Tower District...It's a part of United Way and sales % go to that great organization.
Four of my Spirit Figures found homes. I will keep you posted...want to meet you.
hug, hug