Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Definite Improvement

I can say that today I feel something approaching normal. My ear still looks huge and swollen but overall there's a big surge of energy and very little pain. Lots of itchiness - and if I hear one more time that means it's healing, I'll have to bop someone. I am not a fan of itching - have had too many bouts of poison oak to view it as anything but intolerable.

I felt good enough to take a decent almost hour-long walk, although I stayed on the road which meant the exertion level was low. I ran into a neighbor coming down the hill; we hadn't met before so I was somewhat embarrassed to be doing so with a cotton ball still stuck in my ear. Just when you think you're far enough out in the middle of nowhere, you get caught.

I have my followup doctor's appointment tomorrow, I am very much looking forward to getting the stitches out and the other cleanup items that will be taken care of then also.

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